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Amnesty International Gruppe Miesbach (1431)


Gruppe Miesbach (1431)



Verteidigungsminister Avigdor Liberman
37 Kaplan Street
Tel Aviv 61909


Fax: (00972) 36916940 or 3696275 or 3691791 or 36962757 or 25303367
minister@mod.gov.il or pniot@mod.gov.il or aliberman@knesset.gov.il




Dear Minister,

I am very concerned about the Israeli army’s excessive use of force against demonstrators in the village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank. Residents there have been holding demonstrations since 2009, and the Israeli army frequently meets these protests with excessive and unnecessary force: since 2009 they have killed two protesters, Rushdi Tamimi and Mustafa Tamimi, and injured hundreds of others.
This affects the whole village and may constitute collective punishment, outlawed by the Fourth Geneva Convention. Currently, 20 residents of Nabi Saleh village are held in Israeli prison and detention centers, including seven children. The recent sentencing of Ahed Tamimi, a 17-year-old Palestinian activist from Nabi Saleh, is disproportionate to her actions and appears to be an attempt to intimidate anyone who challenges the human rights abuses experienced by Palestinians.
As a member / sympathizing of amnesty international, I respectfully urge you to implement steps to prevent the Israeli military authorities from harassing and intimidating Palestinian activists in the occupied West Bank, and to ensure that as a rule, Palestinian children are not subjected to detention or imprisonment. Please also introduce measures to protect the rights of Palestinian protesters to hold non-violent protests and take all necessary steps to ensure that security forces do not use excessive, disproportionate and unnecessary force against them. Please investigate the deaths of Rushdi Tamimi and Mustafa Tamimi, and make the results public. Lastly, I would like to call on you to stop the construction or expansion of Israeli settlements and related infrastructure in the occupied territories, as the imposition of settlements in the West Bank is a violation of international humanitarian law.
Yours sincerely,


Botschaft des Staates Israel
S.E. Herrn Jeremy Nissim Issacharoff
Auguste-Viktoria-Str. 74-76,
14193 Berlin


Fax: 030– 8904-5555
E-Mail: botschaft@israel.de