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Amnesty International Gruppe Miesbach (1431)


Gruppe Miesbach (1431)



Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera
President of the Republic of Malawi
Office of the President and Cabinet
Private Bag 338, Capital Hill, Lilongwe 3





Your Excellency,

The right to life and security of people with albinism are seriously compromised in Malawi. With superstitions surrounding albinism persisting stubbornly, they live in constant fear of being abducted, mutilated or killed. As many believe that the bones and body parts of people with albinism yield good luck, wealth and power, their bodies are priced US$75,000, according to UN figures. Increasing poverty in recent years has also led to a resurgence of old myths surrounding the magical powers of people with albinism. This has resulted in killings, attempted abductions, and the desecration of graves. The government’s response to this crisis is uncoordinated and mainly reactive, doing too little too late.

As member / sympathizer of Amnesty International, I ask you to take protective measures to prevent the continued targeting, abduction, and killing of people with albinism. Authorities must investigate all attacks and bring those responsible to justice through fair trials. Moreover, please support programs that raise awareness about human rights so that discrimination and social exclusion of people with albinism can end.

Yours sincerely

Botschaft der Republik Malawi
S. E. Herrn Michael Barth Kamphambe Nkhoma
Westfälische Straße 86,
10709 Berlin



Fax: 030 – 843 154 30