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Amnesty International Gruppe Miesbach (1431)


Gruppe Miesbach (1431)



His Excellency Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani
c/o Permanent Mission of Iran to the UN
622 Third Avenue, 34th Floor
New York, NY 10017,






Your Excellency,
Zeynab Jalalian is an Iranian Kurdish woman serving a life sentence in Khoy Prison, West Azerbaijan province, north-west Iran. Currently, among other illnesses, Zeynab Jalalian is at risk of losing her eyesight due to being denied specialized medical treatment for a worsening eye condition that her family believes may have been caused by torture and other ill-treatment while in detention. The Iranian authorities only want to grant her urgently needed medical treatment if she makes “confessions” on television. Zeynab Jalalian was sentenced to death for “hostility to God” (moharebeh) by the Kermanshah Revolutionary Court in January 2009. She is accused of membership in an armed Kurdish opposition group. In her trial, which apparently lasted only a few minutes, she had no access to legal assistance. Her death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 2011.

As a member / sympathizing of amnesty international, I ask you to ensure that Zeynab Jalalian is not subjected to torture and other ill-treatment while in detention and is provided with the specialized medical care she needs to receive from outside prison. Please also grant a retrial for Zeynab Jalalian that complies with international standards for fair trial.

Yours sincerely


S. E. Herrn Ali Majedi
Podbielskiallee 65-67,
14195 Berlin



Fax: 030 – 84 35 31 33
E-Mail: info@iranbotschaft.de